B.subtilis Rosell-179 is our spore probiotic – a robust strain that:

  • has over 36 years of market presence
  • has over 100 post-market clinical trials
  • has been shown to have health benefits including:
    • digestion
    • immune

It’s technical features are as follows:

B.subtilis Rosell-179 can be used in a variety of food applications as it is capable of surviving:

    • Extreme temperatures (baking)
    • Digestive conditions
    • Low pH
    • Long-term storage (3 years)
    • High pressure process
    • Pasteurization
    • Extrusion
    • compression
    • Boiling
    • Microwaving

We draw on over 85 years of probiotic knowledge and experience from the Rosell® Institute for Microbiome and Probiotics with clinically documented high quality strains for health including digestive and immune health.

Our goal is to be part of the future of food with probiotics while continuously researching their potential bene­fits in their connectivity to health.

References available upon request.

Depending on the market and product, we can share our experience and guide you to the best probiotics for your applications. Contact us today and let’s add a pinch of healthy™ to your product.