Most probiotic bacteria are sensitive to heat, compression, and acidity, so their survival in thermal processing is the main obstacle to food manufacturers.

Our flagship strain is a spore-forming bacteria with the capacity to survive when exposed to harsh environmental conditions.

This property confers them a major advantage when used as probiotics in food processing such as baked goods. Our spore food probiotics B.subtilis Rosell-179 can survive in:

  • low pH conditions
  • acidity
  • water activity
  • sugar content
  • baking
  • freezing
  • extrusion
  • compression
  • high pressure process

Depending on the market and product, we can share our experience and guide you to the best formulation for your baked goods applications including in:

  • various breads
  • cookies
  • bars
  • muffins
  • dry mixes

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